Building Community Project Being Realized



Several years ago, Shadyside Church adopted "Building Community" as its ministry theme. The goal was to strengthen and grow our community, which includes our church, our city and our world.  Included in our initiatives was becoming more welcoming as a congregation and to provide gathering spaces in which we can have fellowship and learning - and from which we can reach out in ministry.  Below are some photos of the results of the building portion of our initiative.

The Sharp Atrium serves as a welcoming entrance to the church for times other than worship and as gathering places for small to medium groups - such as after-worship fellowship seen here.








The Sharp Atrium occupies the space that was the arcaded cloister known as the Hulme Garden.  On the right is the exterior of the apse in the chancel.

A new reception area leads to ministry offices, to the remodeled Parish Hall and to the remodeled Parlor and Chapel.

Warm colors and historically appropriate stenciling have enhanced the Chapel, which is used for weekly Vespers as well as smaller services such as funerals.  The new movable seating allows makes the space more versatile, including use for rehearsal of Shadyside's Chancel Choir.

A complete updating of the Sunday School/Nursery School rooms was accomplished on the ground floor.

The Parish Hall has been transformed into a welcoming space for larger gatherings which will include a fireplace and comfortable furnishings - as well as the ability to host larger receptions and dinners - and serve the nursery school.  The coffered ceiling echoes the ceiling of the sanctuary lantern.

The Hulme Room is a wonderful space, transformed from a stage to a meeting room-classroom.  The delightful bank of windows on the north wall of the Parish Hall was rarely seen.  Now, it flood the Hulme Room with natural light - and matching windows on the interior wall lend that light to the Parish Hall.