Growth Models




In another feature, Church Growth, we noted how the various building campaigns added to the structures at Shadyside Presbyterian.  Here, using 3D modeling software from Google, called Sketchup, we can examine the architectural forms at each stage of growth.


In 1890, the Shepley, Rutan & Coolidge design for the main portion of the church was completed, seen here in simplified block form from the northwest (Amberson Avenue).


This is a view from the southeast (along Westminster Place).


The start of construction of the Chapel awaited removal of the original wood frame church.  It had seen duty as a chapel for the second (Gothic) church - and was the site of worship after the second church was demolished.  The Chapel and the Portico connecting to the sanctuary were finished in 1892.


In 1908, the Chapel was extended about 25 feet  toward the north (to the right in this view).


A major sanctuary remodel in 1937-38 saw the addition of the apse as well as a bank of offices that enclosed the courtyard.


The Parish Hall took shape in 1953, stretching north (to the left, here).


By 1983, a north porch enclosed the Craig Room and classroom space, occupying a space opposite the original south porch -vestibule.