shadyside  presbyterian richardsonian romanesque


From the Undercroft to the Chancel, Again


When We Are Strong

Exterior Architecture

Our Architectural Lineage

Ghosts of Shadyside's Past

Stones of Shadyside

Roof Over Our Heads


Growth Models

Red Roof Out

Courthouse Connections

Professor, Judge, Pastor 

Forgotten Fenestration

Grotesque Romanesque

The Long View


Faces on the Facade

Fade to Black...and Back

Mapping Our Progress

Byzantium in Shadyside

Richardson in Brick

Richardsonian Gothic?

Good Enough for Horses

...A Cathedral to a Chicken Coop

Details, Details

Resilient Romanesque

Of Courses

Medieval Forms

Shadyside Ink

Did Our Chapel Have a Skylight?

The Other Romanesque Revival


 the Courthouse

Plastering the Sanctuary

What is Romanesque, Anyway?

Architectural Scale

Other Lanterns


Presbyterian Gothic

.Parish Hall Symbols

Secular Lanterns

Apsidal Appendage


Related Churches 

Shadyside's Sisters

  Shadyside's First Cousins, Part 1

Shadyside's First Cousins, Part 2

  Shadyside's Second Cousins

Landmark Chicago Church Lost to Fire


Interior Architecture

Sanctuary Primer

Of Pomp, Pulpits & Processions

The Font

The Pulpit

The Lectern

The Table

Familiar Faces?

Coffered Ceilings

Taking A Step Down

Undercroft Discovery

Date of Origin

A NEW Chapel for Shadyside Church?

Into the Chancel

Mosaic Precedent

The Cross at Shadyside

The Lone Tiffany Window

Three Vined Mice

1937 Sanctuary Remodeling

Ralph Adams Cram & The Winged Creatures

Apostles in the Pulpit

Shadyside's Sanctuaries

Arch Rivalry

Sinners in the Narthex

A Tale in Tile



Ninety Years of Radio Ministry

Drawing Gallery


Supervising Architect

Email Us

If Pulpits Could Talk








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This site is an  appreciation of the architecture of The Shadyside Presbyterian Church in Pittsburgh.  The structure is one of the finest examples of the Richardsonian Romanesque Revival style extant.  This is not an official site of the church.  The articles listed along the left consider architecture, worship and their inter-relationship both at Shadyside and in Christian churches generally.



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From the Undercroft to the Chancel, Again


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